Tuesday, March 15, 2022




My Buddhist friends,

say with folded hands.

“The Divine Spark in me

Bows to the Divine Spark in you.”


seeing that Spark

changes everything.

What if every Mobile Crisis Call

began with

“The Image of God in me,

Greets the Image of God in you.”

Even if just said quietly;

Breathing in,

Breathing out.

How much would it change

what happens on the call?

Why should the Buddhists

have all the fun?

Thursday, March 10, 2022



I have watched families

Crushed before the swinging beam

heavy and wooden

of accusation

That came from the mouth of one

Denying the beam in their own eye

As they point out the faults

Of those trying to help them.

It is not just that they cannot see the mote

in another's eye

It's that every time they turn their head

This plank takes out

Someone else they used to love.

And so for Lent

I'm giving up

Pointing at the bit of trash in your eye

and denying the wooden beam

in my own.

*It has been suggested that I put in a note to explain that I do a lot of family work in crisis situations. I often work with a Mobile Crisis Team as well.  The culmination of some of that work resulted in this poem 


For A Girl Who May Have Never Given Us Her Real Name


March 10, 2022

I moved her file on the computer

from active

to closed

And scratched her name

off my to do list.



How easy to erase

the name of a trafficked

mentally ill


Hispanic girl.

Did the man who stabbed her

and left her dead

in a DC alley

scratch her off his list?



pissed off random guy with a knife?

How easily these broken ones are erased

Save in the Heart/Mind of God.

Some days I believe that.

Some days I wonder if it matters.


-for PD


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

For Love Of Leaning

 She comes and leans on me, and I bury my fingers in her fur                                                                       Her lean deepens and she looks up at me with the contentment of satisfied longing                                  She still eats things she shouldn't,                                                                                                              And obedience isn't always her strong suit                                                                                                    I have called her to me,                                                                                                                                  only to have me look as though to say                                                                                                          I am not done with what I want, I'll be there when I'm ready                                                                      But I have also called her name                                                                                                                      to have her spin on a dime and dash to me                                                                                                    as though I am the only thing in her world                                                                                                    I think of this as she leans.                                                                                                                        How like her I am with You my God                                                                                                        fickle in my obedience                                                                                                                                  all too often reckless in my behavior.                                                                                                            Let me never lose my longing to lean into Your love for me                                                                        Let me never stop craving the intimacy of Your touch                                                                                  I have learned new meaning from the gift that is Oreo                                                                                A richer sense of the words to the old hymn:                                                                                        What a fellowship, what a joy divine                                                                                                Leaning on the everlasting arms                                                                                                            What a fellowship, what a peace is mine                                                                                          Leaning on the everlasting arms

Tangle Your fingers in my fur Lord                                                                                                          And let me lean on You forever

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Oreo At One Year

We've been together
slightly over a year
She still eats the remote
If it's left in reach
But she walks beside me
so much better now
and responds to my voice
with greater regularity
Sometimes the first time I tell her
She also plays
And hikes
And snuggles
And communicates her love.
I love her back
Not because she's perfect,
or even because she's obedient 
(truthfully that's a crapshoot on some days)
But because she's Oreo
And we are bonded together
Do I think that Jesus loves me
any less?
That He only wants to talk to me
When I am good?
That He only wants to play fetch
When I do it His way
That if I ate the remote
that day
He will not rub my stomach
when I push His arm
and roll on my back?
Am I a better doggy daddy
than Jesus?
Oreo reminds me
God did not create me
for obedience,
but for relationship.
Obedience is a means to that end
Not the end itself
God did not make me
So that I could learn tricks.
We play together
because it is a joy
Oreo's been with me a
little over a year
If God knew me
forming in my mother's womb
We've been together
quite a bit longer.
And both of us
Oreo and I
Are still figuring out
that we are loved
Whether we've
eaten a remote
Or pushed our head 
under our Masters hand

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Benediction For Easter 2021


To One who knows each sparrow's fall,
And feels each bullet's thud;
Who cries for grief at graves
And for joy at births;
To the God who put on flesh;
Partied with sinners
Died at the hands of torture,
And when He rose from the dead
emptied hell for the first,
but not the last time.
THIS is the Risen Christ we praise.
To THIS God be praise given forever,
This redefined majesty be ever before our eyes.
Let the Kingdom He promised come quickly,
Transform this world completely,
And continue forever.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Psalm For A Holy Saturday

Come on this Holy Saturday                                                                                                                          When it feels all hope is gone

Sit by the tomb
Stare at the stone and weep
Weep, but do not flee this moment.
Sit by the tomb, but not alone
Sit with all the broken, weary ones
Who, like you, wonder if the morning
will ever come
Beneath your feet
Can you feel it
The tiniest quivering rumble of earth
Strain your ears
Can you hear the distant voice singing
Holy, Holy, Holy
Even in the depths of hell.
The gates there have burst open  as they will again.