Wednesday, January 6, 2021

America Is A Junkie; Will It Ever Get Sober

 America is a junkie 

who will shoot almost anything that will give it 

the rush, the high of racism, violence and white nationalism

Having lost the Oxycodone of slavery 

it has a long history of using

Jim Crow and the KKK

booted thugs and violence against people of color

Black men die in the streets. 

Brown children are caged at the border.

The rush for Junkie America is incredible 

so it will do anything to get high.

Today Junkie America broke into it's parent's house

to steal the keys to the family car.

America's parents need to sent it to treatment

have it committed 

as a danger to self and others


It will take some time.

America will kick and scream and curse

it may spend some time in seclusion.

But maybe, just maybe

one night, drinking bad coffee

it will sit down next to a grizzled old ex-junkie

with scarred knuckles and broken nose

named History

and listen

Admit that it is powerless over it's bigotry and hatred

and it's life has become unmanageable

Then it must make a decision.

It will be a bitter pill to swallow.

But it won't be the hardest one

Dear America,

I hope you get sober, but I need to warn you

That 5th Step is a bitch

and Step 9 will nearly kill you.

But if you do it, if you work your program

The world will look at you again with respect

and your family might actually have a decent Thanksgiving Dinner again

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Maren said...

This is absolutely fabulous -- I love it a lot!