Friday, September 18, 2020

WWJS-What Would Jeremiah Say


I will scream,  I will cry out
I will not keep silent
I will moan like a woman in labor
who knows her child will be stillborn. 
For this nation has sinned against Me 
and profaned My Holy Name.
For a long time I have kept silent 
Hoping that they might repent 
and live out their promise 
but they have not.

They have taken land 
from those before them 
created treaties based on lies.
They have given as gift
Covering knowingly infected with death
They have marched these precious ones
Along trails of tears to barren places
Where suicide and addiction become rife
Then desecrate their holy sites without shame

They have brought slaves 
on ships of death 
to toil beneath the lash 
Picking cotton to go to mills 
where brown lung and debt poverty 
stalked those who labored there.
Then when slaves were freed
They created Black Codes
Jim Crow
and new forms of slavery under another name.
They have pitted poor Blacks 
against poor Whites 
lest they realize their oppression together
and rise up.
They have killed the innocent and unarmed in the streets
Reckoning lives of color not to matter.

They have caged children 
and forced sterilization  
on women of color 
and on those they deemed 
feeble minded.
They have buried this genocide 
this ethnic cleansing 
under the guise of fancy words 
and high sounding programs
All the while claiming  
that they are "pro-life."

They have failed so miserably 
at the stewarding of creation
That fires burn relentless as a dragon 
Weather changes 
and creation sickens 
like a patient with stage 4 cancer.

Yet they do not hear or heed 
My warning in this.
They have surpassed Nineveh in their cruelty
They have murdered their Jonahs
Therefore I will consume them 
with fire
Drown them in the blood of their people 
This nation shall fall, become a byword 
an object of scorn to the nation's
All who speak their name 
will hiss at their destruction. 
Nineveh repented and I relented
Had Sodom and Gomorrah 
recieved such a warning  
they would have rent their garments covered themselves in ashes  sought My forgiveness.
But this people will not.

So I will come in tears and wrath
Pour down destruction 
like boiling oil.
But I will not destroy completely. 
I will seek a remnant 
faithful to My commandments
Who knows
Perhaps the city shall be rebuilt 
And the land once more bear fruit


Maren said...

And you wonder why Jeremiah was put in a well?

Stephen said...

ROFL...There is that