Saturday, September 12, 2020

Canine Sacrament


The fur around her ears 
is still as soft 
as when she lay next to me at three months.
That moment when
Exhausted by politics and pandemic 
I lay there 
stroking that soft, fine fur
Wondered if it was possible 
to have in this day 
a relationship with God 
as tender as that touch.
The answer came 
as invitation and promise
The still, small Yes 
that cracks open mountains 
and topples empires.
So that now to rub her ears 
is a call to prayer.
When the world has beaten me down
I draw a circle around the two of us
Touch that soft fur of the Promise
and pray
Our Father 
as her head rests on my lap.


Maren said...

This is precious. I am writing a sermon with Willie beside me.

Stephen said...

When I am truly exhausted, tired of people, "our Father" is literally Oreo and me as the "our." Usually I can pray into a larger circle.