Saturday, April 18, 2020

If We Keep Our Voices Silent

The family that hired her 
hated her
It wasn't her job 
to tell them what to do
Her job 
was to take care of the old woman
There at the nursing facility 
They used their money 
(and they had plenty) 
to make sure that she had extra care
What more could this silly nurse's aide ask for
But then the Covid patients came
and the facility began
to fill with the sound of coughing 
Workers were given masks 
and their temperature taken 
before they could enter the building. 
The aide feared for her own health
But more so for the old woman.
The numbers grew  
as did the PPD clad personnel. 
She pressured them 
to take her home 
The risk was too high
Did they want the old woman  
to die struggling to breath?
The aide was relentless, 
they almost fired her. 
But she was so committed 
to the old woman 
that they could not bring themselves to do it.
So the set a day 
Bundled the old woman 
into a transportation van
And put her in a hospital bed at home.
Angry, relieved, the emotions they felt
As they walked past the old women's room 
with a sigh.
The aide close to the bedside. 
A friendly co-worker asked her,
after the family had stormed  out 
Throwing their hands in the air
muttering as the went,
Why she risked it
Taking on family and placement agency 
to get her moved
She just shrugged and replied 
"If we keep our voices silent 
who will speak on their behalf."


Maren said...

What a blessed story. I bet this one was also based on a true story?????

Stephen said...

It was.