Monday, February 10, 2020

In The Room Where It Happened

There are five of them in the room,
No maybe six.

Two of them spoke no English 
So Catalina translated. 
It was she who started all this anyway 
Asking, during prayers of the people 
That they pray for this mother
and her son.
She worked at the school
And when the boy went to the hospital 
after passing out on the playground 
she represented the school, 
visiting and helping mom
wade through the confusing process
of the hospital system.
So here she was
translating so the pastor
could be part of what was happening. 

The lawyer spoke excellent Spanish 
He needed no translator. 
A former clerk for two federal judges
he had landed a place
In a D.C. law firm that often argued
before the Supreme Court 
And sometimes took cases
like this one hear.
In his heart, this was what he lived for
The chance to make his faith 
Come to life
in pursing justice.
Within 24 hours 
he would secure a meeting 
Where he would present this case
to the firm's partners.
He made mom and son and pastor
a promise that he would find
Someone who would take this case.
He would keep that promise. 

Mom sat, answered, tears welling
She left Honduras with her oldest 
who is 10
Leaving three little ones behind. 
She made the trip because the gangs
had already sunk their claws
into the body and life of her son.
He disappeared for three days.
Sexually abused 
used to mule drugs
and things mom still 
doesn't want to talk about. 
So they made the journey
With all it's horrors.
Of course they got caught.
ICE put an ankle bracelet on her,
gave her a Court  Hearing date
twelve months away.
She could not work
the papers they gave her
made that clear. 
So she waited tables
and danced.
"It is not what I wanted, 
but you do what you have to."
The words are matter of fact. 
The pastor wonders
what is was like for men at the bar
To watch her dancing 
The ankle bracelet stark against her skin.
ICE took the bracelet off 
when her son went to the hospital 
The hospital was out of range, 
the kindness of this one of the bright spots.

The boy sat, listened, hugging tight
a stuffed tiger from the pastor's puppet box
The incision on his chest itched
Doctors repaired a vein to his heart
and sent him home
He was bored now, recovering sucked
He wanted to go back to school. 
Memories of Honduras 
and the gang still there
behavior problems at school and home
10 years old
he hugs the small stuffed tiger.
The pastor asks the boy
if he can name the tiger after the boy
"Anyone who heals the way you are for surgery is a fierce a tiger."
The boy smiles and says, 
through Catalina,  
that this would  be good.
The pastor asks the boy
If he would take care of the tiger
And bring it back next week,
The smile grew wider.

There were five of them in the room
No maybe six. 
I'm sure it was six.
Because there were at least
three of us
Gathered in His name.
And He, She, The Great Burning Glory
ALWAYS shows up
when when the wounded cry out.

So in this full room
The Spirit swirled
The Healing Presence moved
And for a brief moment
Heaven and earth touched.
What would happen next
is anyone's guess
But I saw
I felt
I know
I was in the room where it happened 


Maren said...

I am crying now.

Stephen said...

Yeah, I cried as I wrote it. God keeps putting me in these weird places. I think it may be so I'll who's really in control