Sunday, September 22, 2019


The White Witch wanted
all Narnia to believe
that it would always be winter
but never Christmas

Rome bet that it would
always be Good Friday
Silent Saturday
but never Easter

Tortured for wearing
a t-shirt that read
"A World Without Torture,"
He walked with a crutch and a limp
But says
he'd do it all again. For
"A world without torture
is a beautiful thing."

Over a million strong
they march and strike
for climate change.
Demanding a chance
at a future
where water and air are pure.

Clad in traditional red and white
The women demonstrate
outside the UN
Peace flowers and placards
calling for an end
to genocide in Cameroon.
Far from home
The bring home's plight
to those who are supposed to care.

If a tree falls in the forest...
If a protest goes ignored...
"If the poor cry out I will hear from heaven."
"I have heard the cry of my people,
and come down to rescue them."
There is a river
that flows through the middle
of the city
And on either side are planted
the tree of life
whose leaves
are for the healing of the nations

The Arc of eternity is long
But it bends in the direction
Of Justice and Mercy
and walking Humbly
with our God.

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Maren said...

This is absolutely marvelous!