Sunday, February 3, 2019


I believe that
Jesus came
To proclaim

for the captive and the oppressed;
opening prison doors
and ending exploitation
of the vulnerable and the weak.

for the sins that wound
the brothers and sisters
God has given me.

for the deep wounds
of my life and theirs,
that shame and paralyze and isolate

in new beginnings
where second chances come true;
and economic Justice is reality.

No wonder they had to kill Him.

But Jesus conquered Death,
was resurrected, lives again
and promised that I shall share
that victory with Him.

This is the Kingdom
that He invites me, and everyone, to live in.
To work for now
and live in forever.

Even when I am most afraid
of what the world can do to me
I cling to this truth:
The battle is already won
The final word is His
That Word will be Love
and we will live in that love forever.

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