Sunday, January 20, 2019


We are Resistance
As sure as the Dutch underground.
We are not the only Resistance,
it is true,
There are others who do not
walk our Way
and we join hands
with person's of goodwill wherever we can
But we are Resistance
Fighting not
against flesh and blood enemies
Whom we in fact are called
to find a way to love,
But against
"principalities, powers,
and the world rulers
of this present darkness.
Wherever Brown Baby Jesus
is separated from His parents
at the border
Or denied electricity and relief aid
In Puerto Rico;
Wherever Black Jesus'
water remains poisoned
Or he is shot and his body
left in the street;
Or LGBTQ Jesus
is denied room in the homeless shelter
on religious grounds;
Or veteran Jesus, coughing up blood,
is denied access to legal remedy
for toxic exposure.
Wherever human beings
are made expendable
On behalf of powers and earthly rulers
Because of race or gender
or where they fall
on the economic food chain.
We are Resistance.
And it is dangerous.
Jesus told us the time was coming
"when whoever kills you will think
they are offering service to God."
The clouds grow dark overhead
the hate speech grows louder
But we are Resistance
And we know Who will win
even if we never see it.


Maren said...

O God, yes!!!!

Unknown said...

Lgbtq JESUS! Where in Scripture do we find that text?