Friday, November 10, 2017

Their Blood Cries Out

After Adam and Eve left the garden
and their children lived outside
the first cry that God heard
long before telling Moses "I have heard the cry of my people in Egypt"
was the cry of the blood of Abel
screaming out from the dust turned to mud by it's sticky red stream.
And Cain wanted to know
"was it my day to watch him?"
Trying to front off with prehistoric snark
the crime he had committed.

The blood still cries out
from Charleston to Sutherland Springs
from small black churches in Alabama
to the streets of Las Vegas
The years and the blood spread out like a pool
And God asks us
"where are my children, your brothers and sisters?
"their blood cries out!  What have you done?"
And we reply, "it's far to early to talk about doing anything,
but we did send thoughts and prayers."

A field soaked in blood
cannot produce a crop.
Nor will God accept the offering
of a nation devoid of justice.
Til our prayers grow hands and feet and votes,
and our thoughts turn to ways to curb the violence,
we should not be surprised to hear the judgement given Cain
handed down to us as well
and our nation become a fugitive and a wanderer
among all the nations of the world.


Maren said...

So powerful!!!

Stephen said...

More and more I am reading the Liberation Theology writing of James Cone and Gustavo Gutierrez and believing that finding a way to help those of us from more "priviledged" positions use them to both read scripture through the pain we try to hide, and from there to use it to read scripture through our empathic understanding that voicing that pain gives us for those at the margins (whew! that was a long sentence) will be what helps us move forward. My hope is that some of my writing and my poetry does that in some small way.