Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Christians Under Persecution, Churches Under Assault

For years I have heard Christian Radio commentators talking about how Christians are be persecuted and their faith is under assault.  Some recent news stories have brought the truth of this home to me.

In the country where these stories originated these Christians have been active for over a hundred years in trying to ensure that their children have opportunities for education and are able to live, work and worship in safety.  They have often been surrounded by populations that worship a god that they believe has marked them out as special and superior.  As a result of this these Christians have been subject to beating, humiliation, and night time raids on their homes.  Often the very places they worship have been destroyed by either 'lone wolf' types of terrorists or organized groups.  Most recently there has been an upsurge in the destruction of their houses of worship and physical assaults on these Christians. 

Won't you help?  Find a way to contribute to ending this religious persecution and violence.

Oh....the country you ask?  It's the United States.  Black Christians are being persecuted.  Their churches are being burned.  Some have recently been murdered while at prayer.  And all the while, the groups that worship the false god of white supremacy continue to wage their campaigns of hatred.  And the politicians who pander for votes avoid calling this what it is.

You think I'm over reacting?  Ask yourself....if you had heard this as news story coming out of Iraq or Burma or any other place in the world where groups of ethnic Christians were being persecuted, what would your response be?  Well, it's happening here.  To our shame, it is happening here.